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Stop David Wolfe spreading dangerous pseudoscience!

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David Wolfe has recently announced that he will be touring various locations in Australia between 1-19 March 2017 (including low vaccination hotspots) and is claiming to be discussing the following (but not limited to) topics: 

- The Importance of Pure Water and Hydration
- Superfood and Superherb Basics
- Enhanced Performance, Energy and Stamina
- Detoxification and Longevity Strategies
- Beauty
- Activating your Genius
- Improving Memory
- Goal Setting and the Holy Flow
- Investigating our cosmography
- Abundance Consciousness

Recently reported in the Daily Telegraph, reporter Jane Hansen says:

"RENOWNED international ‘wellness’ guru and antivaccination proponent David ‘Avocado’ Wolfe has raised the hackles of health experts and parents in the Byron Shire regarding his upcoming visit on March 16 in Byron Bay.

Critics says the event, which promises Wolfe will “give Byron Bay the latest download on “how the world really works” will provide a platform to mislead parents on the issue of vaccination.

The shire is renowned for the lowest vaccination rates in the country. Only 46 per cent of five-year-old’s in Mullumbimby, and 61 per cent of Byron Bay children are fully vaccinated compared to the national average of 92 per cent.

Alison Gaylard, co-founder of the Northern Rivers Vaccination Supporters group based in Mullumbimby said the area was a magnet for conspiracy theorists and anti-vaccine advocates who are embraced by a community that prides itself on being alternative, if not misinformed.

“He is a well-known anti-vaxxer and in among his inspirational memes thousands share on Facebook, he also posts misinformation about vaccination and people like Wolfe are drawn to this area for that reason, they find the echo chamber they need,” Ms Gaylard said."

In 2015, Dr Sherri Tenpenny had her Australia visa and events cancelled as she was planning to promote the anti vaccination movement (amongst other topics) across Australia.

The Australian Government made a stand and declined her entry into our precious country.... and rightfully so.

Spreading information (especially about vaccinations) that is not science and evidence based is detrimental to the health of all Australians. 

Pseudoscience has NO place in public health.

There is NO debate on the efficacy and safety of vaccination.


Young lives depend on it.

Now, let's hope David Avocado Wolfe shares the same fate as Dr. Sherri Tenpenny. 

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