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Stop Cyber Blackmail by Reforming section 203 of the CDA

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The website, while claiming to be dedicated to fighting prostitution is in fact a blatant blackmail scheme which hides behind section 203 of the Communications Decency act.

The site allows anonymous users to provide images, phone numbers and home towns of people they claim are "potential prostitutes". This is done without requiring they provide any legal evidence that they are in fact prostitutes.

They refuse to release the information of the users who post this potentially libelous material. Furthermore they charge individuals $100 to have their information removed. It is obvious they are abusing section 203 to blackmail private citizens while avoiding legal repercussions.

This petition urges the federal government to enact legislation to make this heinous practice illegal.

The Communications Decency Act should be reformed to:
-Require that any individual or organization which allows third party users to post site content to remove potentially defaming information immediately at the request of the defamed individual.
-Allow any company or individual which refuses said request to be charged with liable.
-Require the aforementioned company or individual to disclose any information of individuals posting defamatory content on their site.
-Allow any company or individual which refuses to disclose said information to be guilty of libel.

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