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Stop cyber abuse and bring rigid laws to prevent offensive messages

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A havoc of abusive comments, insults, threats to physical hurt and even rape threats flooded the social media accounts of my friend recently. The reason for attracting all these was to post her opinion on her facebook account. The post was not against national security let alone hurt a single being. It was just her opinion and that’s it. She was tagged as a person against social morality. Abusive comments with her photos were circulated in multiple social media and at a point she even panicked that it will reach a physical realm from the online platform.

The first response from her family and some friends was to ignore them. After that she was blamed for causing all these as if it was her mistake. Is this only because it was the opinion of a woman? Finally she managed to file a case against those engaged in “online moral policing”. Then again she was discouraged stating that the case would not stand in the court and that the defamation will only increase. She lost all her hope and was totally broken while talking to me about all these.

I was surprised to know that even after two years of repealing Section 66A of Information Technology Act which punished people for sending offensive messages there isn’t any new law introduced to prevent such kind of online abuse and defamation. Some people even create fake accounts for the sole purpose of abusing others. This has to be changed immediately. No one else shall be abused or threatened for expressing their opinions or supporting others opinions. This is not only for women but all human beings who had already faced such bitterness and also for those who are afraid to express their perspectives.

If you agree with me that those netizens who take keen interest to defame others and their opinions need to be put on check and feel the need for a strong law for it, please sign my petition.


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