Stop Cutting of 30 Trees for road widening project in Delhi

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30 beautiful trees, many of them decades-old, are being cut for a traffic decongestion project of the Delhi Government. While few trees including a Neem tree have already been cut down, more trees on this 8 km stretch from Aurobindo Road face the same fate.

We believe this cutting of trees is unnecessary and will not solve the traffic congestion problem.

We call on the Lieutenant Governor, New Delhi, Principal Secretary, Public Works Department and Chief Minister, New Delhi to immediately stop the tree-cutting activities for road widening projects until a review of this policy is undertaken.

This review should provide a mechanism for genuine public consultation and a detailed scientific assessment the cutting of trees across the city may have on the environment, health of citizens  (especially with air pollution), climate change and harder-hitting climate-related natural disasters.

More viable options for addressing the traffic problem should be considered.