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Stop cruel declawing

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Imagine if a pediatrician routinely asked parents if they want to cut off the top part of their children’s fingers to help control aggressive behavior. You would find it crazy. But that is what happens to cats across the country when they are declawed. Declawing is not a manicure, it's an amputation. The cruel procedure, which is often done to prevent scratching, cuts off the last bone from each toe.

Cats are in pain after the procedure and are often at risk for nerve damage, infection, and behavioral issues like refusing to use the litter box or biting. The cruel practice is already banned in 22 countries, and many leaders are moving for statewide bans in the US. Despite what we know about declawing, Banfield Pet Hospital still performs declawing in their clinics.

Banfield is the largest privately owned veterinary practice in the US. We are calling on them to show leadership and ban declawing at all of their clinics.

I know about Banfield’s casual approach to declawing because when I took my kittens to the clinic, one of the first things the vet asked was whether I wanted them declawed. The question was posed like it was normal, and something that would benefit my cat. People who dedicate their lives to serving pets and pet owners should know better. Unless a cat has a medical issue, like cancerous tumors in the nail bed, the procedure should be off limits.

Every year, millions of pets are entrusted to Banfield’s care. It is time for them to prove they deserves that trust. Join me in asking Banfield Pet Hospitals to ban declawing at their clinics.

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