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Stop Cruel Bloodsport of Dog vs Boar Fighting in Indonesia

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Dogs and boars in remote parts of Indonesia are forced to rip each other to shreds in an extremely cruel bloodsport called “abu bagong" (boar fighting). In these horrific, for-profit events, dogs are thrown into a pit and forced to fight a frightened boar. The fight continues until one of the animals is gravely injured or killed.

The dogs’ owners are paid the equivalent of about $2,000 if their dog wins. If the boars survive the fight, they have to fight again after recovering from their injuries. If they die during the fight, they're slaughtered and sold for meat.

The poor animals forced to participate in these fights are often in hurt in gruesome ways. Boars send dogs flying backwards across the fighting pit, and dogs maul boars, creating painful and bloody wounds.

Animal advocates in Indonesia are working to end this inhumane activity, but throngs still gather to pay to watch the brutality.  We must add our voice to help stop the torture.

“It is a criminal act against animals,” said Indonesian animal rights activist Marison Guciano. “The government and NGOs should go to the field to stop this event and educate the people that dog fighting is not right.”

Local breeders argue that boar fighting increases the selling price and the economic value of their dogs. But this is no excuse for such horrific violence.

It’s time to end the cruelty. Sign this petition to tell Indonesian officials to ban dog and boar fighting for good.

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