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Stop Crocosaurus Cove's 'Cage of Death' Park Attraction

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What Australian Icon and Herpetologist Steve Irwin took years to preach and teach, is being let down by Crocosaurus Cove Park and its 'Cage of Death' Park Attraction - Love and Respect towards its Animals.

Such forms of "Animal Abuse for Entertainment Purposes" should be banned immediately and such parks should be fined for ill-treatment of the Animals they are breeding.

Everyday,crocodiles are subjected to immense mental stress and physical intimidation as dozens of visitors are lowered into Crocodile Tanks in the safety of a clear acrylic box dubbed the 'Cage of Death', making it a good source of income at the expense of the poor animal's privacy and safety.

One can see the videos showing the visitors
- making faces
- showing fists
- and even thumping the cage walls
to intimidate the crocodiles.

Not the mention the infamous incident when the cage cable broke,dropping the cage to the bottom of the tank, risking the lives of the visitors, and the shards of the broken cage which could have easily punctured the Crocodile's Eyes or even worse if swallowed by the Crocodile itself.

On the other hand,the poor crocodiles bite, bump and smash their head against the Cage trying to save themselves from the intruders(their natural instinct),often resulting in injury and mental harassment to the Animal while the visitors enjoy the fun.

For a little amount of money and a whole lot of publicity, a Park cannot lose its moral value and exploit an Animal which deserves much more Respect and Privacy of its own!!


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