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Mike Perry - Desert Star Weekly’s response

Mike Perry - Desert Star Weekly

Sep 9, 2013 — Hello;

Thank you for writing; however, I think your comments to me/us are a little unfounded and this issue is in need of some clarification. Please let me explain.

First, we think we have done due diligence in bringing the animal abuser in question to justice. We stopped the series on this subject because it has ran it's course. Personally, I am an animal lover and dog owner. No source, including myself or any other employee of DSW has applied 'political pressure', and forced Ms. Devereaux to resign. Jackie left on her own volition and has moved to Mexico to live on the beach and pursue a screen-writing career. We truly miss Jackie Devereaux and both party's have left the door open to further association.

I am sorry you have a different opinion of what has transpired, but I want to clarify the reasons behind Ms. Devereaux departure. Furthermore, as a newspaper Publisher, it has never been my style to let my newspapers and/or journalists buckle under political pressure or reasons otherwise. If you remember correctly, we were the first and only news source to break this story. Contrary to your opinion of myself and our newspapers, we feel as though we have done more than enough to bring this issue to light and we are satisfied that the abuser in question has been indicted. When more news is returned from the judicial system involving this case, we will be happy to report the support, of course, of a favorable decision against those persons involved in the abuse of animals

Over the course of time that this story was investigated and reported on, DSW offered three front page stories - with photos - which were dedicated to uncovering the details behind animal abuse in this case. Numerous other 'side-bar' stories, comments and 'Letters to the Editor' were published in support of bringing justice to an animal abuser. Additionally, our newspapers are dedicated to animal safety and pet adoption from numerous sources around the Coachella Valley. We freely give weekly space to those parties and organizations who are interested in the welfare of animals.

I would love to write more, but it's past my time to get home and feed my three year old Golden Retriever, 'Maltie.'

Thanks again for your concern about the humane treatment of animals and your support of DSW. Kind personal regards;

Richard M. Perry
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