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stop courts from re-victimizing families !

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The constant harassment that comes from an abuser, taking their victims to court over and over again, has a direct toll on the families that are trying to rebuild. There seems to be very limited financial assistance or support for victims of abuse and their children. It seems however, that the abuser always has funding to repeatedly harass their victims through our 'legal system'. Why can people abuse their partners and their children and then be allowed to legally fight them in court for rights that they should have to earn back?        

  We need to make sure that a victim of abuse and their children have representation every time in court. If safty is such a concern for children and their mothers from abusers that they need to go to a shelter , then why are they left to there own divices in a court setting? If I shot someone I would have a court appionted lawyer, If I assulted my partner I would have a court appointed lawyer. But when protecting victims in court from abusers- we are on our own! sounds backwards to me.All I want is the right to feel equal in front of our courts. To feel like I have rights. Where in our constitution does it say if you have money you can have rights? just becuase I am unable to hire an attorney should not impact my rights under the constitution! I need help with my current court case involving the father of my children.I was asked to be more specific about what I wanted and not so vague about my goal ,so, I guess I need support with not being equally represented in court. I don't want to loose my kids to a man who caused them harm. So , PLEASE HELP BY SIGNING MY PETITION.

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