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Deep investigation be done in Huntingdon County Pa Government

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 I am Writing a petition to have of Huntingdon county commonwealth of Pennsylvania to be investigated and in regards to my brother Lucas Thomas who is severe epileptic along with narcolepsy. Lucas Thomas has severe uncontrollable seizures. Lucas Thomas is a wonderful man with a big heart but his brain does not function properly due to his seizures and convulsions on top of having uncontrollable sleep episodes. Due to all the seizures that my brother has had sense he was little my brother has resided with my dad Dennis Thomas since he is unable to care for himself as a normal citizen can. I sat in the courtroom and was appalled at the conduct of most of the court officials that were present. Their inappropriate conduct included talking about other people and being on Facebook via their cellphones. My brother attempted to fire his attorney but the judge refused to let him. My brother felt that his court appointed attorney failed to give him a professional proper representation. My brother was harassed and threaten into a guilty plea to 2 petty retail theft from Walmart both under $10 when there was no evidence. Now my brother serves in the SCI Mercer Pa prison. under the Sip program. Do to my brothers mental health and stability, I would like to say by knowing him all my life my brother isn't safe in the prison system due to uncontrollable epileptic with life-sustaining mental health disorder. Furthermore I feel it is unjust to allow our judicial officials with recreational drug habits ( this I have heard from reliable sources) not to be held accountable for their actions as we the citizen of Huntingdon County are.
Recently after a custody hearing my granddaughter was placed with her father. His current girlfriend walked in on one of these officials snorting lines of cocaine. . Justification must come to Huntingdon County Pennsylvania before we end up like Ferguson. The state police put our lives in danger every day. Confidential informants should not be tolerated. State police officers are trained to do their job not confidential informants there is no protect and serve when it comes to informants. State Police get paid very well and that is the job that they picked to do so therefore I do not understand why uneducated, unlawful criminals should be doing their job.. It seems as Huntingdon County Pennsylvania wants crime. Please help. The citizens Huntington County Pennsylvania depending on justice to come. We cannot tolerate this corruption inside our system any longer. Please, please help the citizens.We need you to do a deep investigation into this. We need to put the criminals in prison where they belong and get the petty criminals that do not belong in the prisons out. We need to make this place a better place for our children with corruption like this all i see disaster coming.

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