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Petition for fair sports selection


1.      The  Under Secretary  Ministry of Youths and Sports

2.      Sports Authority of India

 3.      Indian Olympic Association

 4.      Ethics commission , Indian Olympic Association.

 5.      Under Secretary Corporate Affairs, Government   of India


Petition for  fair sports selection and Right to play violated  by a karate company reg

            This ministry   illegally and corruptly   given the affiliation  to Karate Federation of India, a two men owned  Private ltd company, and  its  Directors manipulated documents   as they are the president, Secretary, and also appointed some of their partners or binamies as   executive body.  The Learned  top officers  of this ministry also  involved as a  part of this  forgery, and Fraud. further more the memorandum and bylaw is totally not consonant with IOC ethics, but still corruptly the indian olympic association, and ministry of sports given recognition to  them.

            The  Private ltd company, and its Directors   sold out their certificates  without any  restriction, and appointed its commission members  against the   Companies act 2013 without  regulations.

            According to the Sports code 2011, and the order of   Hon’ble High court of  Delhi  2015,  it is clear  the guidelines which should follow up by the National Sports Federations. But , these Ministry officers   misuse its  power, and simply violating all the fundamental rules of sports code and they have not given even single hair value to the Judgment of Hon’ble High court of Delhi. Since, we take several legal steps  under corruption and criminal laws before various forum against the  criminals in ministry, and Indian Olympic Association.

            Now we came to know that , the Asian Games is going to held in Jakarta, Indonesia.  The karate association of India, a private ltd company, which having manipulated executive body,  without power or duties assigned and responsibilities  defined are acting as toys and involved huge corruption and bribery for  selection of players for the games. The private ltd company is not giving any vouchers or bills to any of  belt purchasers, and affiliations. The officers of central ministry is also having  no guts to investigate the matters accordingly, even after  many complaints. Moreover , the Indian Olympic association, and Indian Ministry  of Sports  are standing  with karate association India  private ltd company as its outside binamies, or partners, with the  knowledge and  sense but for corrupt motive.

                        The curse of Nation is such corrupt officers, and Bodies, even after  years of independence,  we couldn’t  win in any international event satisfactorily.  This corrupt act  violate all the constitutional rights,  of  Karate Players, and International Olympic Association Sports code, and code of ethics and Right to play, and extreme right which given by International Sports code.

The usage of  the Prestigious name  mother “INDIA”   should  be restricted under the  Names and emblems (Prevention from improper act 1950) for a private ltd company  which is doing  wrongful business, and not involved any manufacturing business.  And   their bylaws and memorandum is  no way connected with   International Olympic Council norms. Since  they have neither  right to represent our country   for  international events representing the State and to use the  name INDIA nor select anyone without proper selection procedures.

This private ltd company, with the support of IOA, and  Under secretary Mr.Patro, and S.P Hooda, created more than 200 association including non registered, non gst, which conduct tournaments, camps, certifications,affiliation with starting from 3000 to 100000 with out any proper bills and vouchers to give bribe for these IOA, and sports ministry officers

 Since, we INDIAN KARATE FEDERATION  registered under Societies registration act 1860,  commenced with  prescribed  legal aspects which is required for  National Sports federation under Indian Sports code 2011 ,    and ethics of  International  Olympic   council .  Huge real karate sports players are standing outside the  private ltd company  those who are not ready to bribe to company having  the illegal and corrupt  Affiliation by  Ministry of  Sports without  the written consent  of  Corporate affairs. The ministry or corrupt officials cannot force them do to support corruption or illegal act, and if the company face black list or any criminal cases, the  Officers  who support affiliation is also legally answerable and  liable to compensate all certificate holders for  their loss of money, time, mental agony and anguish

The real  players coming from poor background, and National spirited youths  who are  not ready to give bribe  have also equal right to select for international event like Asian  games held in. The selection process of  Indian team was  shameful neither legal selection process followed up. Since, we conduct National selection for Asian games  (Subject to court Matter)  under the observation  dominant karate masters and  winners will be given training under the Indian Karate Federation in most toughest hill area. I request all officers from the  copy served are hereby request to send the Observer once the Tournament announced.


1.      Stop all selection procedures  taken by a private ltd company  Karate Association of India  because this company is anti covenant of  IOC norms, and  could not followed the sports code 2011 and involved in fraud, forgery with immediate  effect.

 2.      And either  Select  Karate players  for   Asian games   from  Indian Karate Federation, which is registered under societies act 1860  and equal consonance of IOC code of ethics, or appoint  observer  for  and conduct  national trial from India

 3.      We will not entertain any violation of rights to play   of any group or part of  other   body members. Since, we request to conduct a Selection trial   with our players who are really ready to win.

 Copies enclosed

 Yours Truly

 Mohandas Velukutty