Stop Corporate Landlords From Taking Away Voter Approved Child Care Funding

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San Francisco voters passed the Early Care and Education for All Initiative to make high quality early care and education affordable and accessible for families while also raising the wages for our childcare providers.  This would have been the single largest investment for childcare of any U.S. city in history to help clear the waitlist and expand support to middle-income families. Parents, childcare providers, and advocates spent countless hours collecting signatures to get this initiative on the ballot and to lead it to victory in June!  Now, instead of celebrating this milestone, corporate landlords want to overturn this voter-led effort. 

 Howard Jarvis Taxpayer Association, Building Owners and Management Association, California Business Properties Association, and the California Business Roundtable (groups which advocate for the interests of the 1% and developers) are now SUING San Francisco to prevent this CHILDCARE INITIATIVE to go into effect because commercial landlords earning more than a million dollars of profits per year don't want to pay their fair share.

 Don’t let this act of greed go unnoticed, sign our petition and send a message to corporate landlords to uphold our democratic vote and to support Early Care and Education for All!