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Single Canadian Father Files Paternity Suit Against Financial Giant (MUFG-Morgan Stanley)

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We believe everyone is entitled to have children without being abused. Mitsubishi Morgan Stanley Management chose to abuse and harass Glen for becoming a father. This is common practice at the firm. Now they are pushing him out because he is calling them on it. We believe it is NOT acceptable for corporations to abuse and harass employees for having children. Please join us in sending this petition to protect the many victims ― women and men!

Further, Mitsubishi Morgan Stanley aspires to be “the world’s most trusted financial institution”. They are rapidly expanding through M&A owning such banks as Union Bank based in San Francisco, California. These abusive practices are illegal in Japan and in the US


Canadian single father files Paternity Suit against financial giant MUFJ-Morgan Stanley

Exerpt: a Canadian national is filing a paternity harassment suit against Mitsubishi UFJ-Morgan Stanley today.


A 6 year employee in charge of Global Sales, Glen Wood (see: is the architect of the bank’s global outreach. Immediately upon announcing the birth of his son two years ago, Mr. Wood received threats of job loss, and incrementally lost his position. The suit claims that since that time, a campaign by Japanese management was designed to force him to leave the company. This campaign, characterized as nefarious and underhanded, has consistently escalated until he was pushed-out earlier this month.


Background: Mr. Wood is a known commodity in the financial industry, being widely featured as an analyst on the movement of the yen, Abenomics and Japan’s political situation (see: ). His career spans 18 years including stints at Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs and Mizuho Securities. Mr. Wood is the only non-Japanese at his level inside the bank.


The basis of the claim is harassment solely because Mr. Wood decided to have a child. Mr. Wood is single.


Women in the bank are regularly identified as targets of harassment when they get married or pregnant. While it is reported that such attitudes are par for the course among traditional Japanese institutions, it is particularly pronounced at MUFJ-Morgan Stanley, the suit claims.


According to papers filed, the bank’s management frowns upon any distraction or infirmity that prevents full-on devotion and determination to be solely directed to the bank and the functions assigned. Hours are murderously long, vacations unheard of, bereavement or wedding responsibilities cut short. In particular, data catchè on emails are artificially low so that incoming mails must be responded to, then deleted to make room, or the bank’s recipient is confronted with the prospect of bounced-back to Sender emails as “undeliverable”. These catchè can fill-up in an matter of hours, forcing employees to sleep with their phones.


Details: Mr. Wood will be accompanied by his Japanese lawyer, bengoshi Yoshitatsu Imaizumi (Tokyo Law Office, Yotsuya, ph: 03-3355-0611). The FCCJ briefing follows a Press Conference to the Japanese Press at the Correspondent’s Club in Kasumigaseki, Th


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