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Stop Corporate Bonuses for Borders Executives Who Laid Off 6,000 People


We, laid off Borders employees, demand that the company's executives not be paid bonuses after 6,000 people lost their jobs!

Weeks after Borders, Inc filed for bankruptcy protection and announced that 225 stores would close and more than 6,000 employees would lose their jobs, the company's President and CEO is asking for $8.3 million in executive bonuses (including nearly $1.7 million for himself)!

Borders is in more than $1 billion debt, and employee raises have been frozen for years, yet last year the CEO got an 87 percent salary increase.

This kind of executive compensation flies in the face of all financial logic and morality. 6,000 people have lost their jobs and these guys think they deserve millions in bonuses for making it happen!

Join our campaign to demand that the request for executive bonuses be immediately withdrawn, or significantly amended so as to tie much lower bonuses to successfully paying off the company's debts, helping it survive and thus protecting the thousands of workers that remain.

This petition was delivered to:
  • Borders Executive Vice President, CMO
    Michele Cloutier
  • Borders Executive Vice President, Ops
    James Frering
  • Borders Public Relations
    Mary Davis
  • Borders Senior Vice President, HR
    Rosalind Thompson
  • Borders CEO
    Mike Edwards
  • Borders Senior Vice President, Merch & Planning
    Andi Lobdell
  • Borders Vice President, CAO
    Glen Tomaszewski
  • Borders Executive Vice President, CFO
    Scott Henry

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