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Multiple Fume Events at British Airways

Trudie Dadd
Crewkerne, ENG, United Kingdom

Oct 5, 2019 — 

Fume Events on British Airways Aircraft 05/9/19-03/10/19

Date/Flight Number/Route/Aircraft Registration

05 September BA 2597 Verona/LGW G-GATN
06 September BA 723 Geneva/LHR G-EUUY
06 September BA 813 Copenhagen/LHR G-MEDN
06 September BA 606 LHR/Pisa G-EUYM
08 September BA 644 LHR/Kalamata G-TTND
13 September BA 348 LHR/Nice G-EUXI
15 September BA 956 LHR/Munich G-EUPW
17 September BA 283 LHR/LAX* G-CIVF
18 September BA 984 LHR/Berlin G-EUXI
18 September BA 985 Berlin/LHR G-EUXI
18 September BA1448 LHR/Edinburgh G-EUPH
20 September BA 552 LHR/Rome G-EUXI
21 September BA 986 LHR/Berlin G-EUYV
22 September BA1476 LHR/Glasgow G-EUOB
22 September BA 208 Miami/LHR G-CIVE
23 September BA 709 Zurich/LHR G-EUYB
23 September BA2649 Tirana/LGW G-MIDS
23 September BA 655 Corfu/LHR G-EUUY
24 September BA 342 LHR/Nice G-EUXI
24 September BA 830 LHR/Dublin G-EUXI
26 September BA 903 Frankfurt/LHR G-EUXJ
26 September BA2724 LGW/Ibiza G-DBCB
26 September BA2725 Ibiza/LGW G-DBCB
28 September BA 548 LHR/Rome G-EUXG
28 September BA 549 Rome/LHR G-EUXG
28 September BA 372 LHR/Toulouse G-EUPO
30 September BA 554 LHR/Rome G-EUUM
30 September BA 378 LHR/Toulouse G-EUYM
30 September BA 949 Munich/LHR G-EUPO
30 September BA 829 Dublin/LHR G-EUUK
30 September BA 848 LHR/Zagreb G-EUYB
30 September BA 833 Dublin/LHR G-EUPB
01 October BA 811 Copenhagen/LHR G-EUUK
01 October BA2763 Amsterdam/LGW G-EUUV
01 October BA 389 Brussels/LHR G-EUPL
02 October BA 348 LHR/Nice G-EUPL
02 October BA 349 Nice/LHR G-EUPL
02 October BA2673 Larnaca/LGW** G-GATL
02 October BA2788 LGW/Bordeaux G-EUUT
02 October BA2789 Bordeaux/LGW G-EUUT
02 October BA2783 Oporto/LGW G-EUUU
02 October BA 814 LHR/Copenhagen G-EUPB
03 October BA 861 Prague/LHR G-EUUM
03 October BA 349 Nice/LHR G-EUUP
03 October BA2788 LGW/Bordeaux G-MIDT
03 October BA2789 Bordeaux/LGW G-MIDT
03 October BA2622 LGW/Nice G-DBCD
03 October BA2623 Nice/LGW G-DBCD
03 October BA 555 Rome/LHR G-EUXG
03 October BA 713 Zurich/LHR G-EUYI
03 October BA986 LHR/Berlin G-EUYI
03 October BA 655 Corfu/LHR G-EUYP
03 October BA1447 Edinburgh/LHR G-EUUY
03 October BA2783 Oporto/LGW G-GATM
03 October BA1496 LHR/Glasgow*** G-EUPO
03 October BA2716 LGW/Malaga**** G-EUUZ
*=Diverted to Chicago
**=Diverted to Athens
***=Returned to LHR
****=Diverted to Barcelona

The majority of these fume events were on Airbus A319, A320 or A321 aircraft which operate short-haul routes on the British Airways network. If you wish to know the aircraft type, go to FlightAware or a similar website and enter the registration of the aircraft.
During many of these incidents crew were injured and had to seek medical attention. Passengers were not informed that they had been exposed to toxic fumes or that they could become ill within the next few hours, days, weeks or even months following exposure.

What other industry is permitted to injure employees & customers on a daily basis?





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