Stop consuming plastics!

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Plastic wastes has been a major problem and despite of all the ban, people still continue to use it. May because they are not aware of its hazardous implications for the planet and the intoxicating affects, or they simply ignore it, or sometimes they don’t even have an option or access to other other alternate means. It’s high time to understand and inspite playing a blame game, it’s we who need to understand and cut down on the use of plastic to as minimum as possible.

One of the simplest way is to avoid using plastic straws in restaurants or otherwise. They are made in 10 minutes, used in 20 and remain on earth forever since they are not biodegradable. About 90% of marine animals have eaten plastic straws and have died.

It takes a lot of energy and a great amount of non- renuable resources to make a plastic straw. If we as consumers don’t use their products,the production will automatically go down and hence we can save our planet from all the toxins.

It a sincere appeal to each and everyone to not encourage the use of plastic straws. Anyway how difficult is it to place an order of juice saying ‘no sugar’, ‘no ice’ and ‘no straw’. Quite easy right?