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Stop companies from doing credit checks unless they are going to report all payments to your credit.

As many of you know that if you don't have credit, that many service oriented companies including electric, gas, telephone, cell phone, internet and more require that you supply them with information so they can do a credit check.


I have started this petition to try to get the attention of our congress to try to pass this into law.


It should be required that if a company is to run a credit check on you or a business, they should have to report all of your payments to your credit report in order to help you build credit.


If they do not want to report to your credit report, they by law, they should not be allowed to do a credit check on you or your business.


This is important because many companies run credit checks, which isn't good for your credit, then require you to pay a deposit, but DO NOT report your payments to your credit report.


And further more, a company that gives you services such as electric, telephone ect, should not be able to require a deposit for more than ONE month's service. Especially since they turn off your services if you don't pay.


No company should be able to charge you for any day that you were without service, even if they turned off your service due to non payment.


And to add to this, they should not be able to terminate your service and charge you full price for the days you were without service.


I have started this petition to try to get 100k signatures in order to push this to our state representatives in order to get this bill passed into law.


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  • Service companies and any company that does a credit check.

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