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Parents Against Common Core in Catholic Schools Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston

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Don’t let our Catholic Schools become an extension of the public school system!

  • Sign the petition addressed to the Superintendent to have the implementation of TEKS/Common Core standard STOPPED IMMEDIATELY!
  • Make your voice loud and clear.
  • Write letters and make calls!
  • Say NO to TEKS/Common Core in the Catholic Schools in Archdiocese of Galveston Houston.
  • Say YES to classical education choice!

Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston are being forced to adopt the government-mandated Common Core/TEKS standards. These are failing, inferior standards, not designed to promote Catholic education. They will negatively impact our children’s education, abolish the freedom of Catholic education and diminish the parents and teachers ability to influence our children education. No government or accreditor requires Catholic schools to adopt Common Core/TEKS!

Decision to implement this drastic curriculum change was made without the knowledge and consent of parents, teachers and principals of our schools. We the parents are the primary educators of our children and we pay some of our hard-earned money to schools that have a mission to assist us in our children education.

The Archdiocese has made many parents feel betrayed, as if our children were being handed over for 30 pieces of silver when the TEKS/Common Core standards were adopted. Not having the option to opt out of the Common Core/TEKS will lead many parents to leave catholic schools and opt for a free public school option, and a possible collapse of the catholic education system.

Help save our schools and our true, independent catholic education.

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Is there a better curriculum for our Catholic Schools?
Yes, the Classical Curriculum, the logo-centric quest for the ideals of wisdom and virtue!  Implemented in numerous catholic schools across the country, it brings strong and measurable gains in student knowledge, boosts school enrolment and provides for a proven, excellent choice for parents who detest the federal standards but want strongest learning foundations for their children.

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