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Stop Child Sex Trafficking: 30,000 Children for Sale


It is estimated that the average age of the estimated 30,000 sex workers in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, is 15 to as young as 4.

In Cambodia, having sex with a child is illegal, but law enforcement is ineffective. Efforts to stop the trade are undercut by corrupt officials and by Cambodian People's Party government, which so far has been loath to interrupt the windfall of a "tourism" industry worth millions a year.

"No matter how many laws we sign," says Mu Sochua, Cambodia's former minister of women's and veterans' affairs and a long-time opponent of Hun Sen, "child sex will continue as long as this government is in power."

Let's Remind the Cambodian government, it is Illegal to have sex with a child, they need to enforce the law!

Innocence, self-dignity and basic human respect...stolen and stripped from innocent lives!               Their life is worth more than this, the children NEED to know they are valued as a Human Being, not as a sex object. 

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