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Children deserve to grow up and live their lives free from abuse, right? 

Abuse can come from many directions. Abuse can come from parents, neighbors, other kids at school, relatives or strangers.

Abuse can even come from lawmakers and politicians.

Child abuse can come from Politicians and Lawmakers? How can that be?

The current scheme for getting elected into office is to gather votes from the public. One of the most sure ways to gain votes today is to go about the nation eager to punish law breakers in the name of protecting children.

Unfortunately, laws created to punish Adults have the same effect on their children. If a law makes it so the Adult cannot get a job, cannot get a place to live, cannot go to parks or church... the effects are the same on the children of these ex offenders.

Heaping all manner of laws such as being banned from getting a job, banned from renting a place to live, banned from small business loans, banned from parks, banned from going to church upon persons who have served out all their court sentences only causes that family to end up homeless and standing in the cold with their hands out seeking Government Support for Food, Rent Money, Medical and Dental Coverage...

Not to mention all the abuse these children receive once all the other children at school realize they are the children of a parent who is on the National Sex Offender Registry.

Take the time to watch this video...A child tells how retroactively applied laws have ruined his life. VIDEO LINK CLICK HERE

If the courts are going to sentence a person for a crime, then the time to decide if that person is dangerous and should either be put to death, locked up for ever or released after their time of prison/punishment for that crime is over.

Locking up a person for a number of years, then letting them out, branding them by way of the Public Sex Offender Registry, preventing them from getting a job, preventing them from getting a place to live, attend church.. have friends... care for their children is insanity. Not only does this practice harm countless thousands of children of ex offenders it also costs tax payers Billions of Dollars.

Why would any court allow people to be released from prison who are a DANGER TO SOCIETY?

For more information on how these laws harm men, women and children visit our website:

Citizens for Change, America

Letter to
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
President of the United States
In the past few decades, an ever increasing practice is to seek to gain votes by pressing the public to pass harsh laws targeting anyone who has ever committed a sexual crime. Many of these laws harm innocent children of ex offenders.

If a law restricts or punishes a person after they have served out their sentence for a crime and that person has children many of these laws harm those innocent children in so many ways.

If a law is so stigmatizing in effect that it literally banishes that parent from getting a job, getting a place to live or in any way supporting their family. This causes that family to move from being a productive part of society into homelessness and destitution, dependent in totality on the Government and Tax Payers to support them with Food Stamps, Housing Subsidies and Medical Coverage... All paid for by the Citizens of these United States of America.

Much better would be to do the following once a person is found guilty of a sexual crime:
1. Mandate all sexual crime convicts to be given a complete psychiatric and psychological evaluation to determine their propensity to re-offend.
2. If they are found to show a great propensity to re-offend either decide to put them to death, lock them up for ever with no chance of release back into society or require them to be treated. If they are treated successfully, then they can earn their release. If released, a period of monitoring whereby they can earn the right to be totally free as all other citizens are, (Parole)
3. If they are found to NOT have a propensity to commit more sex crimes, let them fulfill their court sentence and then restore all rights. No public sex offender registry. No limitations on where they can live. No restrictions barring them from taking their children to the park.. accompanying their children to school events...give them their life back after they serve out their punishment.
4. Take down the public Sex Offender Registry. Many studies have shown the Public registry protects NO ONE and actually harms citizens.

All of what is said above can be validated with the many studies by professionals in our Document for Downloads section of the Citizens for Change, America Website:

If you as a lawmaker or politician continue to support laws which harm children and families even to the point of violating YOUR oath of office which states you will uphold, protect and support THE CONSTITUTION you not only do a disservice to your country, but also you will face God Almighty one day for your support of these laws which devastate so many lives.

The Public Sex Offender Registry needs to come down. If the courts would properly sentence people upon conviction we would not have any need to know where those released from prison live.
One more note. I must ask you a question. Each year there is between 12 and 18 Thousand alcohol related deaths in America. These are people who are KILLED by Drunk Drivers. 12 to 18 THOUSAND innocent lives taken by someone who goes out driving drunk. Those people who go out and kill innocent men, women and children each year will go to prison for a few years and get out.. my question: Do you know where they live? Why not? These laws which put people up on a Public Shaming Registry, ban them from getting a job or place to live.. ruin the lives of them and their families and many of them for what? Having consensual sex with their under age girl friend? Looking at photos of nude teens? But people who go out and murder others are free to do it again once they serve their time... and NOBODY knows where they live.
Which is more drastic.. being killed or having sex or viewing porn?
I in no wise minimize any of this.. but death vs. sex.

Do the right thing, put an end to the Child Abuse caused by these insane sex offender laws. Make the courts do the right thing at sentencing. Protect society by either keeping dangerous people in prison, putting them to death or getting them treated and letting them again start their life over, crime free without all the stigma of the Public Sex Offender Registry.

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