Stop Child Abuse and Neglect

Stop Child Abuse and Neglect

11 April 2022
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Why this petition matters

Here at the C.A.N Campaign we believe that there is an urgent need for a change in the system to make sure we are able to protect children from abuse and neglect. We urge you to not be bystanders and use your voice for those who are not able to speak out.

For far too long we have heard of cases of innocent children brutally losing their lives at the hands of those they are meant to be protected by. And despite calls for change and laws being created the problem still exists and is rife within our society.

Victoria Climbié

Baby P

Arthur Labinjo-Hughes

Star Hobson 

These are only a few of the names of children murdered in the UK by their own guardians. They had suffered too long prior to their deaths, and with adequate intervention from recognising this their deaths could have been prevented.

  • On average, at least one child is killed a week in the UK 
  •  Also research with 2,275 young people aged 11-17 about their experiences of neglect suggests around 1 in 10 children in the UK have been neglected.

-the NSPCC.

In many of these cases there are clear indicators of abuse or neglect, and they are referred to the police or social services by those around who see what is happening to the child. The current system in place takes far too long and social services is unable to properly protect all children due to the lengthy process we have that prevents lots of immediate action . This system is clearly flawed when the children we hear of in the news are usually referred multiple times by concerned parties. In some cases bias seems to overshadow the worries of other people in regards to a child’s welfare, and it allows the mistreatment to carry on.

The stories we hear are heart-breaking and there are so many more that we do not hear of.

Our campaign is constantly working to raise awareness and contact representatives and those already fighting for this cause. We hope to educate on recognising the signs and being advocates for the rights of children.

Change can come from many ways, but most of all collective action by the public.

It is an urgent problem in our society, and we need your help to stop it for good. 


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Signatures: 47Next Goal: 50
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