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Petitioning Asheville City Councilmember Esther Manheimer and 6 others

Stop Charging LGBT North Carolinians More To Be Unequal!


Asheville, North Carolina, will begin registering domestic partnerships on May 1.

The price? City residents will pay $75 and non-residents will pay $100.

That sounds fine, except when you consider that a marriage license in the county only costs $60.

WTF? We refuse to pay more for fewer rights!

Demand that the Asheville City Council rectify this before the policy goes into effect on May 1!

Letter to
Asheville City Councilmember Esther Manheimer
Asheville City Councilmember Cecil Bothwell
Asheville City Councilmember Jan Davis
and 4 others
Asheville Mayor Terry Bellamy
Asheville Vice-Mayor Brownie Newman
Asheville City Councilmember Gordon Smith
Asheville City Councilmember Bill Russell
While we're thrilled that Asheville has taken the proactive step to recognize same-sex domestic partners, but the idea that domestic partners pay more for their license than married partners is ridiculous.

Asking same-sex partners to pay more for a license than straight partners is bigoted and unacceptable...pure and simple. This country established that separate is not equal -- and this policy highlights the inherent inequality of paying more for fewer rights.

We demand that the Asheville City Council change the cost of a domestic partnership registration to be the same or less than a marriage registration before the May 1 activation deadline.

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