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Prince George's County has an antiquated breed discriminatory law that bans "pit bulls." Instead of dealing with aggressive dogs running at large, animal control must get search warrants to see if someone owns a "pit bull." They go into the "suspect's" house, seize their pet, try to decide if it's really a "pit bull," and then, if it is, kill the pet.

Prince George's breed discriminatory ordinance not only tears families apart by killing pets, it's a waste taxpayer dollars. According to economist John Dunham and Associates, it costs Prince George's County approximately $1,137,726 annually to enforce.

Studies done in the United Kingdom and in Spain have shown that canine profiling fails to protect the public from dangerous dogs. Indeed, in the spanish studies, bites increased after the breed restrictive law was passed.

Any dog can bite. The public should be protected against any dangerous dog no matter what its appearance.

Pits are pets too. Please sign the petition and help save well mannered pets, no matter what their breed.

Letter to
county councilwoman Karen Toles
county councilman Eric Olson
County Councilwoman Ingrid Turner
and 7 others
county councilwoman Leslie Johnson
county councilwoman Mary Lehman
County Executive Rushern Baker
county councilman Will Campos
county councilman Mel Franklin
county councilman Obie Patterson
county councilman Andrea Harrison
I respectfully urge you to sponsor legislation to repeal Prince George's breed discriminatory ordinance. Years ago, a Task Force Study found that it cost Prince George's a minimum of $560,000 every two years to enforce. Now, economist John Dunham and Associates estimates that it costs Prince George's $1,137,726 every year just to enforce the "pit bull" ban.

In additon to being costly, canine profiling is ineffective. Studies done in the U.K. and Spain show that laws targeting a certain breed of dog fail to enhance public safety. Instead of having an ordinance that targets dogs simply becuase of their appearance, Prince George's should enact good generic dangerous dog law like Calgary.

Bill Bruce, Director of Calagary's Animal Control, is speaking in D.C. on May 27 at a free event hosted by the Washington Humane Society. I hope you can attend.

Thank you for your consideration in this public safety matter. I hope you consider sponsoring or supporting efforts to repeal the pit bull ban in Prince George's County.