Stop Canada's $105 Billion Warship Purchase: Warships Won't Stop Climate Change & Racism

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Imagine the difference it would make in this country if the $105 billion currently being set aside for wholly unnecessary warships were instead invested in free child care, free tuition, affordable housing, green and renewal energy jobs, clean water and housing in all Indigenous communities, environmental clean-up, a National Action Plan to End Violence Against Women, a pharmacare program, respectful lifelong pensions for veterans, social programs that would ensure everyone enjoys  lives of dignity and comfort, and so much more.

That's a lot of money that could fund Green New Deals galore.

Yet the Trudeau government – and by their failure to oppose, the NDP, Greens and Conservatives – is committed to this enormously wasteful and dangerous investment in corporate warfare, the largest federal government procurement in Canadian history to produce some lethal ships with a very short 25-year lifespan (which means our kids will be forced to pay for even more warships not far down the line).

With every political campaign comes the costing question: how will modest investments in daycare, housing and pharmacare be paid for when Canada struggles with debt and deficits? But the question that will not be asked is whether voters want to mortgage their grandchildren's financial future for a project that will line the pockets of Irving Shipyards and the world's largest war profiteer, Lockheed Martin.

Warships won't defend us against the biggest threats we face: climate catastrophe, economic inequality, white supremacy, and the epidemic of male violence against women and girls. Their primary role is enforcing inequality and participating in violent military alliances whose primary goal is to bomb other countries that won't play the role of servant to corporate commands.

This campaign is NOT about forcing Canadian sailors to operate aging and dangerous equipment. It is about pursuing far more cost effective, non-military ways that they can serve the best interests of those suffering from the many problems we face. It's also about finding non-military jobs for those who would work on the warships. With $105 billion to go around, we can create far more jobs and a lot less corporate largesse!

The world is suffering from an addiction to militarism. War is terrorism. It is obsolete. And one major step towards reversing this is to challenge all candidates running for election in 2019 to oppose this wasteful investment that is simply a theft from the poor and from future generations.

Please sign and share and demand of your candidates that we sink this warship plan.


Homes not Bombs