STOP Camp Bow Wow Kenneling 125 dogs next to homes at 4700 Norris Canyon Rd. San Ramon

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There is NO PLACE LIKE HOME! Unfortunately, this will change if ever Camp Bow Wow is approved to operate next to our homes. The distance of subject property backyard fence to homeowners building is 25 feet only. And for some of us, this will be right next to our bedrooms and living room. Highly likely, this will lead to destruction of the neighborhood tranquility that we enjoy today. Potential major concerns, such as -

  1. Unimaginably annoying NOISE, kenneling 125 dogs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365-366 days next to our homes. Would you want that next to your home? First thing you hear when you wake up, last thing you hear when you fall asleep, and highly likely disrupt your sleep.
  2. Parking area is already a big problem in our neighborhood.
  3. Increase traffic on street alleys will be UNSAFE for our young children who enjoys playing in the afternoon, weekends, and holidays. These children will be deprived of SAFE play street alleys.  It is bothersome today to see cars in the afternoon rushing to drop off/pick up children at the Soccer building next to homeowners building.  Adding Camp Bow Wow to the mix morning and afternoon can create more chaos in our alleys.
  4. Health hazards of poor sanitation - poo, pee, fleas, dirty water will be habitat for insects/bugs/flies, contamination, etc.
  5. Odor annoyance and nuisance - will affect quality of life in the neighborhood.
  6. Consequently, decrease in our property value.


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