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There are two children that go by Amya Carmichael (13) and Amir Carmichael (5). These two children are countless victims of Los Angeles County DCFS abuse, corruption, human trafficking and illegal seizures. These two children have been illegally detained against their will in foster care due to court Commissioner Steff F. Padilla illegal seizure. She immediately reversed the order at the time of her decision after the allegations were disputed; stating the children would be returned within 24 hours. Despite the children's cries to be with their mother, Commissioner Padilla has failed to uphold her order. Padilla further harassed and stalked the mothers case, there after the mother transfered her case to Edmund D. Edleman Children's Court; outside of Antelope Valley Dependancy Court.

More retaliation was soon to come after false allegations made by Officer Maribel Romero, of Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department- Carson Station. A complaint was lodged against officer Romero by Sergeant Robert Alexander. Unfortunately, Carson Sheriff's Department acting Chief unethically sweap the issue under the rug. Padilla was later replaced by Judicial officer Teresa Sullivan, who continued the case with bias and malicious intent. She too has also been replaced. They've since silenced the voices of these children during a lengthy detention, refusing and limiting visits and communication with the mother. DCFS has promoted and demonstrated an active interest in consistent parental alienation.

While in DCFS custody these children were seen wearing the same clothes for three days in a row during their illegal detention, which is a breach in Los Angeles County welfare code. Amir was seen hungry, dehydrated with bleeding cracked lips, being unlawfully prescribed psychotropic medication that caused him numerous health concerns. He was unreportedly bit in the face by his foster parents dog, Amya and Amir were sexually prayed upon by the foster parents nephew, Amya went missing and kidnapped beyond 120 days while in their care, rapped and physically assaulted and neither of these children received immediate medical care.

Please help these two children return to their mother who anxiously awaits for their arrival. Together we will expose DCFS/CPS for not demonstrating our children's best interest. Let's implement new ordinances and laws that focus on the protection of human rights; rather than private sector interest. There is often a lack of interest in protecting the public from such dubious individuals. This is definitely a grey area that needs a lot of attention. We must stop authorities from stealing children for profit, and further placing them in less fortunate foster homes. Why are the children being silenced when they have a right to be heard before the court of law? A child's right to testify should always be honored and upheld; requiring a mandated regulated law.

Together we can hold "all" state and government officials accountable for the well needed dependency reformation. The FBI is well aware of official/public corruption involving children being exploited within the dependency system, they have also been found guilty of the same acts. There is a moral and ethical code of conduct owed to the public. This should not be an option but the law! Immediate audits and controls should be taken seriously, especially pertaining to children. We will disarm this 1 Billion dollar business, in which former DCFS Director Philip Browning proudly boasted about. The same person who recently retired due to the overwhelming child abuse complaints received under his supervision. These complaints were redirected to the chairman of Los Angeles County Board of Supervisor's, Mark Ridley Thomas. Thomas was elected as chairman in November 2016. After he failed to rectify ongoing complaints of child abuse he has since been asked to step down. This demonstrates an ongoing flaw in their corrupted/underdeveloped system practices.

With signing this petition we can petition to sanction and fine (DCFS/CPS) across the U.S. for violating children and family rights. Enforcing accountability for illegal and unethical behavior will put a slow to the large amounts of dollars being vested into State Agencies. Meanwhile they use large amount of funds with the intent to destroy families rather than reunite them. Millions of foster youth become homeless every year once emancipated, due to the lack of resources available to them. That's why this reformation is so greatly needed. The Carmichael Foundation will empower and employ formal foster youths who are now adults that seek to be child advocates etc. There will be implemented plans to protect families. 

"With non profit agencies such as The Carmichael Foundation, we are aiming to assist families in all 50 States with agency's in place to assist. With this petition we can make our dreams a reality and empower former foster youth and families that have being taken advantage of by DCFS/CPS."

We will give a hand up for "working parent's who lost their jobs or on the verge of loosing their jobs due to unreasonable and extensive court hearings. We will enforce the state to be sanctioned and pay for punitive damages and the recovery to families wrongfully victimized by DCFS/CPS. Make the Federal Government and U.S. State Departments accountable for sexual abuse of a child while in their licensed care. When abuse happens on their watch make them responsible for medical and mental health and or related medical expenses of these victims, long after the child has left their care. Ensuring that their well being is sought after. These enforcement's will promote safety living inside foster homes and stricter liability within the dependency system. Incorporate DCFS/ CPS agencies to work with parents to unify rather than divide. Initiate the State to stop pushing D.A.'s to push cases that doesn't meet the criteria/standards of being heard in a criminal or dependency court. Yet DCFS can illegally steal children without proper grounds with little or no evidence, wrongfully pursue parents and not be held accountable. This is the double standards the U.S. House of Representatives need to address and reform NOW!

We the people and the public support Family Reunification but we ask for State and U.S. Government officials to reform and implement equal family rights.

Stop the war on families!

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!