Stop By-Law Bullying. Save our landscaping Give us our day in court!

Stop By-Law Bullying. Save our landscaping Give us our day in court!

September 10, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Mike F

We were issued an order by the Town of Essex Ontario requiring the removal of thousands of dollars worth of landscaping. This landscaping has  over-whelming support from our neighbours and members of the community in support of keeping it in place..

We ask you, Is this By-law Bullying?, and if you feel it is, please sign the petition. This is as much about the rights to appeal as it is about doing the right thing in the face of environmental and climate change.

The Town is insistent that the landscaping be replaced with bare ground!

  • We (and our legal council) have been denied the opportunity to appear before Town Council
  • We have been denied access to be heard by the Committee of Adjustment
  • We have been denied all rights to appeal
  • Blocked access to the Ontario Land Tribunal
  • Blocked access to Provincial Courts as well as the ability to obtain an injunction

                                    All we want is our Day in Court!

  • We the following neighbours friends and supporters of the owners and property located at 122 Washington Ct, Bellcreft Beach, Harrow Ontario do officially register our objection to the Town of Essex Bylaw order requiring the removal of “ALL LANDSCAPING, ...INCLUDING THE STONES”
  • We further object to the bullying tactics being used against our neighbours that leave them no way to defend this action nor to be heard in a provincial court or through the Ontario Land Tribunal. These actions are clearly in violation of their rights, and if this matter is allowed to proceed with no opportunity for the home owners to defend themselves, then clearly the democratic, legal, and justice processes are no longer functioning properly within the town of Essex.
  • We see the landscaping as an asset to our neighbourhood. The landscaping was professionally done and is impeccably maintained, beautifying the entire neighbourhood and increasing property values for everyone.
  • Their yard and landscaping is an oasis to the owners and to Mother Nature, attracting Monarch butterflies, (officially endangered), swallowtails,and other butterflies, various pollinators, seasonal and migratory birds, hummingbirds and other wildlife. In the midst of a climate crisis, it makes absolutely no sense to rip out environmentally friendly, and replace it with bare ground.
  • Further, we call for a full, open, honest, and transparent investigation into this matter.


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Signatures: 153Next Goal: 200
Support now
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