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Change in the pull rate of the premium medals in kingdom hearts Ux

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We the player of kingdom hearts union x national server (KHUx NA) are sick of pulling in banners with the best of our money and saved jewels get nothing in return.

We the players feel unappreciated,disrespected,and wanted only for our money. We buy and save jewels in worth of hundreds of dollars and when we use them we are left discontented,we do not expect to get every medal but we do need to get better chance at getting them.

Square enix you must change the way you threat our money and time in the game we are demanding the following:

give us more brooms and fantasia mickey B as a common prize in every quest.

more jewels in an amount of at least 3000 jewels per week so the free to play players will have a good way to play the game and pull one pull once a week is not much to ask for .

every banner will have guaranteed known medals of the latest medals you released in the 2-4 months before the new medals banner plus one broom/magic mirror/cid from each time you pull(you can change it in every banner)

VIP medals will be one week of 8 medals  and not two weeks of 4 and 4

and last if you see that you need  to give us "a token of appreciation" 300 jewels is not a good one that will make us feel good about the errors and bugs for big/many errors,some ideas for gifts are : 1000-2000 jewels (depending on how big the mistakes you did were) or one of each gem(power speed magic)or 6 fantasia mickey b(it's equal to make one guilted medal) .it's not allot for you but it will change the game for the better,will make the players feel good while spending more money to get what they want and will give more players more reasons to spend money.

More and more players are leaving the game or moving to the Japanese server,so please make the game great like it can be, make the players feel good about their time,money and efforts in this game please Square Enix help the players.


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