Please stop burning King Ravana's effigy

Please stop burning King Ravana's effigy

4 October 2019
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Stop burning Lord Ravana's Effigy
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Why this petition matters

Every year in India Orthodox Hindus do burn Effigy of Our Great king Ravana on The Dussera Festival. Ravana has been wrongly depicted as a villain in our Indian scripture and culture. But King Ravana has been Worshipped By many Adivasi and Bahujan People India. We do worship Ravana as our clan deity ( Kuldevta)
Ravana represents our Rich cultural Heritage. He was judicious and popular king who had a good flair in various arts and cultural pursuites. Many of tribes in India worship him as God. In India we have saveral temples of King Ravana most of them are in Tamil Nadu also in Madhya Pradesh Maharashtra. Ravana was the nature lover and had opposed killing of animals in Yagyas. Ravana was against Varna culture. He was supporter of equality to all.

Hindu Orthodox people Written that He had kidnapped Sita. But this is totally wrong. Sita was daughter of King Ravana. When ramayana was written only upper caste people were allowed to read and write,So they wrote on King Ravana according to them.
King Ravana was scholar, He was shivbhakt and follower of Kashyapa Buddha. In Buddhist Script Lankavatarasuta Ravana is regarded as a good King. Ravana was master in Ayurveda , He had authored Ravana Samhita which talks about science of Ayurveda. Ravana knew 64 different kinds of arts and had deeper Understanding of Vedas. Many indians authors have written on Ravana and regarded him as a great King.

In Tamil Nadu over 350 temples of him , the tallest one is in mandsaur madhya Pradesh. In Bisrakh ( uttar Pradesh) there are his temple are about 1000 years old. In Maharashtra adivasi ( Tribal ) worship him as clan deity And also by Bahujan ( earlier Shudra people). Every year there is Ravana Pooja by gond community in Maharashtra.
Ravan Dahan is one of our social ill. So our Demand is stop burning of Effigies of Ravana on Dussera Festival. Why there is burning of Ravana where many people do worship him ?
India has no official religion.We are the largest secular democracy In the world.
We have secular constitution given by Our Great Leader Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. Our constitution assures rights of all citizens. Our Constitution Gives us equal rights to all citizens of India. This is our fundamental right i.e.right of faith to worship our clan deity Ravana.Constitution has Granted freedom to all citizens to practice their religion. Burning Of Ravana Effigies Of Ravana hurts our sentiments. Now it is duty of government to Ban such an unjust Tradition. This is our Kind request.
We have heritage of Lord Buddha, Samrat Ashok and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, Mahatma Gandhi. World see towards us as a peaceful nation , a Buddha's nation. So by Burning Ravana what do you want to show to the world? Peace?? This is totally against our culture. Simply we don't Burn Queen Victoria's Effigy as she ruled India and divided India.
We don't Even burn bad rulers of india. Then why do Hindus burn King Ravana, such a scholar who is worshipped In India as well ?? Isn't It contradictory?? 
Our Prime minister just has said in United Nations Meeting " Hamane Duniya ko Yuddha nahi Diya hai, Buddha Diya hai"i.e. "We have not given war, We have given Buddha. We have given peace." Honourable PM sir It's now time to be peaceful once again and act on Buddha's path.We must abolish this social ill Of Ravana Dahan. We must Ban This Burning of Ravana Effigies on Dussera.

It's also affects our environment and last year many died in train accident in Punjab. 
Please don't Burn Our Kuldevta, Don't Burn our Acharya Tathagat Ravan, Don't Burn our swami. Every year we Agitate to ban this bad Tradition , but media does cover such news. We organise Ravana Pooja events but no media shows that. This is our Kind Request to Government to Ban this Ravana Dahan ( Burning Of Ravana) on Dussera. Let's celebrate Dussera in Peaceful Way. In Buddha's Way. Please it's a kind request !!!���

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Signatures: 61Next Goal: 100
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