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Stop Public funding to Colleges/Schools that allow Retaliation and Racial Discrimination

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The Issues

Christy Brown have been bullied and retaliated against by William Rainey Harper College for reporting wrongdoings of the faculty.   Other students are too afraid or may have been bribed by some of the college faculty to speak out agsinst the unfair practices of tge program for fear of being bullied and retaliated against by William Rainey Harper College for reporting these unethical practices as many of them are still in some of the school's programs. However, Christy Brown has also been racially discriminated against by Harper College by some of these faculty members She has also endured bullying, racist remarks, students were pitted against Christy, her privacy rights were infringed on because the teacher slandered her name and discussed her grades to other students. Christy lost her job of 3. 6 years, suffered bouts of homelessness, among other devastating things which altered her lifestyle while trying to complete the program. As a result, Christy Brown has been left without a job without, adequate health care benefits, facing homelessness and had to deliver her baby in poverty. She has nothing to show for all of her hard work. Two white students  made to sign a contract agreement with Harper College in order to not file a lawsuit against the school for retaliation and were given additional special privileges which Christy was not offered in order to complete their certificates. Those students were offered extended clinicals and class times while Christy was not offered any extra extensions to complete her certificate because Christy reported unfair practices of the program to the US Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights  this demonstrates racial discrimination.

Christy was made to get up as early as 5 am to be at clinicals by 6:30 am as well as attending class. She was on time and did not miss any clinicals. She was made to do extra lab hours, she completed a remediation plan required by the school, was made to do additional "mandatory" assignments only for them not to be counted. Christy took out loans in order to cover her tuition and expenses in order to complete the program. The school has been willing to offer 2 other caucasian students in similar situations extended clinicals or class time so they can earn their certificate if they dropped tgeir complaints or lawsuits but have not offered these options to Christy and this is discriminatory, not to mention unfair. Christy is also serking help to raise funds for her legal fees to enlist a private attorney to represent her and is petitioning William Rainey Harper College to do the right thing by giving her the certificate she diligently worked hard for and feels it is wrong to block her because she reported wrongdoings of the faculty staff. Christy is also petitioning that the, US Government, the US Department of Education and The Higher Learning Commission pass a law that prevents schools from retaliating against students who exercise their right to report wrongdoings.  

A Personal Message from Christy

Although Nurses "Eating their young" is not new, in the field of nursing, students need the support of nursing instructors and not negativity in its various forms. Many students experience bullying but are often too afraid to speak up about it for fear of backlash. Incivility as well as racism in nursing serves no purpose and has no place in nursing school or in the nursing profession. It has also been asserted that these bullying tactics are used as a retention strategy. However, when it comes to the nursing profession patients needs nurses that truly care about them and not nurses who will mistreat other nurses or their patients for that matter simply because of their ethnic identity. I am fighting so that other students whether ethnic minority or non ethnic minority, be treated with respect and dignity. I do not want other students to experience what I have. I also do not want students to  feel as if they have no voice or hope because they are up against a powerful school or because they are bullied and outnumbered. Racism has no place in education or anywhere. Thank you in advance for your support!

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