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My 11 year old daughter Annisia, a 6th grader at Hogan Middle School in Vallejo,CA, was viciously beaten on April 24, 2012 by a 14 year old 8th grade BULLY Nibria Wesley at Hogan Middle School who was unknown to her. First both BULLIES Nibria Wesley and Raven Manigault stalked my daughter like two blood thirsty sharks scoping out their prey, then my daughter began being attacked from behind, slammed face first on the ground, then drug several yards, and viciously beaten for several minutes while another BULLY Raven Manigault stood over her several minutes before campus security came to her aid. The Principal suspended my daughter for two days along with the BULLY, claiming "mutual combat" without them doing a thorough investigation. She later resended my daughters' suspension after my outrage. 

The BULLY Nibria Wesley and her mother Nichole Wesley left the school skipping and laughing. 

Annisia sustained multiple injuries(concussion, contusion,continuing bloody noses,memory loss,bruising of the bone surrounding eye cavity, PTSD) causing her to miss several months of school, interfering with her education, and crushing her belief that school is a safe place.

Police response has been very slow, and Solano Courts have been very hostile to the victim. Deputy District Attorney told victim's mother to not expect financial support from California Victim's Compensation for financials losses from this attack and crime on Annisia, and further tells mother to "Suck it Up and Get on Welfare and Foodstamps!

More and more kids are being bullied, beaten, and harmed at Hogan Middle and other Schools in Vallejo, interfering with the victims' receiving their education and what is supposed to be a safe environment. Although Hogan advertises a Zero Bullying Tolerance, they actually support bullying by their lack of actions, slap on the wrists of the bully, minimizing and denying Bullying is a problem, while rendering harsh punishment on the victim. The Principal says "we cannot be expected to know everything that's going on". This MUST change to protect our children especially while at school. Please help us STOP BULLYING NOW and get justice for Annisia, all the other victims of Bullying and to prevent it from happening to others.

















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