Stop Bullfighting Festivals in France

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"Since when was tradition cruelty? Please rethink this - cruelty has no place in this world. Thank you."

"Killing animals is NOT entertainment!"

"Burning at the stake used to be a tradition in some countries, but that doesn't make it right. Look up animal cruelty in the dictionary, and you will see a picture of these poor bulls being tortured for the fun of those sick people. Ban this!"



Ferias of Nimes festivals in France are held twice a year and last for 5 days. They centre around bullfighting (the corrida) and are held in celebration of the bull and its fighting spirit.


Throughout the week are paties, and bullfighting. The corrida involves various stages of weakening, angering, injuring and finally killing the bull.

Even though animal cruelty is banned in France, bullfighting (and cockfighting) are exempt because they are viewed as "tradition".


Tell the people of Nimes ritual animal slaughter is still animal cruelty and has no place in 21st century traditions. End the corrida in the Ferias of Nimesfestivals.