Stop building a gas station so close to our homes

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Recently an application was filed to City of Ottawa, planning to build a gas station with car washing facility right behind our backyard. We already have 3 gas stations within 1-1.5km distance. The environmental and healthy concerns to build a gas station so close to our neighborhood bring us to start a petition to against the builder's plan.

Against Application # D07-12-19-0017 & #D02-02-19-0016

We are residents in Kanata North, and we are against the proposal to build a gas station and car wash facility at the corner of Terry Fox and Kanata Ave.  

 There are many well-understood environmental hazards for residents in close proximity to gas stations.  One major problem is the build-up of ground-level ozone, caused by gasoline vapors in contact with vehicle emissions.  These ozone levels lead to an increased risk of respiratory issues, including asthma, for nearby residents.  Children are particularly susceptible to these problems. Many of the vapors from gasoline are known to be carcinogenic, including benzene.  Air levels of these toxins are increased around gas stations due to vapors from pumps, refilling of storage tanks, and evaporation of spillage. Exposure to gasoline fumes has also been shown to cause brain, kidney and lung damage.

 There are already 3 gas stations within about 1 km of the intersection, so there is no community need for the service. These gas stations are well-situated, away from residential homes.

 The intersection at Kanata Avenue and Terry Fox is already hazardous, in part due to the speed of traffic on Terry Fox (often over 90km/h). Vehicles turning in and out of the proposed development area would further exacerbate traffic issues. 

 Tillsonburg street already experiences a large amount of traffic as one of 3 access routes to the Richardson Ridge/New Heritage Hills community. Directing more traffic to Tillsonburg would be a terrible idea.  There is already a side street at the bottom of Tillsonburg, and Tillsonburg turns heading up the hill.  Drivers can only see a short distance ahead due to the design of the road at the bottom of the street. The only exit from the condo buildings on Guelph private turns onto Tillsonburg in the same area.  Adding another entrance would make Tillsonburg street even more dangerous for the children who wait for the school bus at the bottom of Tillsonburg, as well as the many children who live on the street further up.  

 Please reconsider the design of this proposal for the health and safety of the residents in the immediate community.  

The link to the application:

Scientific researches show that a gas station's negative impact on human health for surrounding residents.


Here's a collection of accidents that happened at the corner of subject site.