STOP the mayor from closing Bruny Island's only airport!

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Kingborough Council in southern Tasmania have decided Bruny Island’s only airport should close as it's expensive to maintain and upgrade. (2179 Bruny Island Main Road, Great Bay, Tasmania). An airstrip is essentially a straight crowned road.

By closing the island’s 750m (2460') airport would permanently deprive it of any future aviation infrastructure. The island's aviation charter company would not be able to function.

As part of a global network small airports provide safe navigation points. Alternate airports are needed in the case of a forced landing. In deteriorating weather conditions some flights are illegal unless there's an alternate airport along the way.

Removing this airport leaves the daily Cambridge - Melaleuca route without an alternate landing area reducing aviation safety for thousands that visit the SW World Heritage Area. The airport's removal robs residents of a mode of rapid transport that is less polluting and efficient. Closure increases risk for existing flights. It harms business and dampens diversity.

Loosing the airport could only increase the island’s dependency on road and ferry transport. It will be irreplaceable! Finding long, level and flat tracks of land is increasingly harder and the cost of re-establishment would be substantial.

Bruny Island to Hobart Airport is a 15 minute flight!

By road, ferry then road again it’s a 90 minute meandering trip on a good day without a wait at the ferry terminal. Hobart’s already overburdened city roads struggle to deal with increased use. For around the cost of new car, aircraft ownership is increasingly affordable and safe.

Kingborough Council needs to show regard for it's future sons and daughters who might just want to fly to and from Bruny one day for half the price of a ferry ticket and considerably less carbon emissions. 

Kingborough Council complain of mounting maintenance and risk. Under Civil Aviation Regulations it is the pilot that is legally responsible for safe landings not the airport owner. Civil Aviation Advisory Publications CAAP 92-1 lists the guidelines for establishing an airstrip.

Keep this unique airport in ratepayers hands for public use!

Don't deny residents and visitor access to fast carbon efficient travel now or in the future.

Don't increase risk by denying regular flights and an alternate.

Don’t sell it it off to real estate developers for subdivision.

Tell Kingborough Councillors ~ "Hand's Off Our Airport"

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