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There is a total lack of clarity about the implications of our relationship with the European nuclear body 'Euratom' as we prepare for Brexit.

The Government says Britain will leave the agency — which governs the movement of radioactive material in Europe — because although not part of the EU, it is under the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice.

The NHS depends increasingly on nuclear materials. Radioactive isotopes are crucial for many clinical investigations, for example, diagnostic scanners, as well as for research.

Cancer patients in the UK will soon be faced with inadequate treatments. Many others will face increasingly inadequate diagnostic tests.

-Professor Robert Winston 


Other reasons why Brexit is bad for British lives! Sign and share to stop it. 

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A word to Leavers... you may have voted to leave the EU because you wanted to reduce immigration numbers. Hey, guess what? All government officials have said immigration numbers won't change. And the irony is, the UK government always had the power to reduce immigration numbers outside the jurisdiction of the EU because we are a SOVEREIGN nation, always have been, always will be. The control has always been there, it's just no one bothered to implement it. So...please sign to stop Brexit because your quality of life will plummet! 

If you still believe Nigel Farage, I say this, he is a man who, as an MEP, didn't fight for British fisheries, READ MORE:’s-voting-record-fishing-‘makes-mockery’-new-election-poster-20150408

Brexit will cripple this country! Please sign and share to stop it. Thank you.

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