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Leaving the EU could mean:

1. Renegotiating at least 700 trade agreements with 27 nations, which is impossible

2. Risking the loss of Northern Ireland and Scotland, and the break up of the UK - something two world wars with Germany failed to do

3. If leaving the EU is such a good idea, how come Germany doesnt want to leave?

4. Losing at least half of the Financial organisations in London to the detriment of tax credits to the UK outside of London as much as GB65billion.

5. Wales will lose its EU subsidies and will suffer since it has also lost its coal mines and steel industry.

6. Loss of EU students coming to UK and UK young benefitting from easy acceptance at EU Universities

7. Encouragement of racism as UK loses talented EU citizens.

8. Alienating the 5 million UK citizens who live abroad with the possibility they will return to UK and placing increased stress on the NHS

9. Allows liars such as Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage (their red bus for instance) to escape any ethical judgement of their unpatriotic acts

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