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Stop breeding camps of lions.

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Lions are on the down side to extinction and in with in the last few years the decline of lions have been from 150 000 to 23 000 within 10 years. Lions are getting inbreeded with same bloodline that weakens the gene of lions. people or tourist go to these parks to pet and take a picture with these lions not knowing that they are taking a picture of lion cub for future trophy hunting that is legal here in South Africa the same goes for the volunteers coming from abroad to help raise these cubs from when been taken away from the mother at two weeks, which they say is to save the lions which is a bullshit story, it is just to make money out of the volunteers that don’t know anything that is going on. So when the cub is all grown up and can’t be handled anymore the lion gets separated to enclosures by the hundreds and don’t get handled anymore and then the lion will be put on the web for the hunter to choose his prise where he will come to shoot the lion half drugged and claim to have shot a wild lion, and the other mystery these parks do is they tell people that come to shoot wild lion so they have two farms one for the tourist and the public where they breed these lions and the other is open game farm and once the lion has been chosen to be shot they dart the lion then take the lion to the owners other farm and meat will be put with the lion so when he wakes up he immediately starts eating the carcass and while he is busy doing so, the so called tracker for the hunter would track down the lion knowing exactly where the lion is while the hunter thinks he shot a wild lion he has been miss informed about this information. Also with the lion bone industry that is growing with this people just breed lions also just for bone selling. And lion carcass goes for about R30 000 that is about three thousand American US dollars.

So one day we won’t have lions in the wild anymore or in captivity with the demanding rate this is growing at we need as humans start to stand up for what is right start to look deep within ourselves to what we are doing to this planet and animals in it and see what is happening do we want a future for our new generation of children’s children to live in this world where it is going to? With corrupt greed and money or just put that aside and see what the world and mother earth can offer us in unity together in peace harmony living together. After all if a lion disappears of the planet the apex predator everything will follow like whole chain of events. And this is real so stop being so narcissistic about life and feel you can’t do anything WE can we as humans can stand up for what is right we stand together we can overcome everything.
We only have one planet and will be stand by and watch it disappear or will we make history and stand up and say this is enough.

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