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Today I was walking towards my home when I saw one chimney (of a factory) released a thick black smoke for 5 mins. The smoke visibly persisted for 15 minutes. 

The day before yesterday, I saw one truck overtook our bus with very high speed and releasing dense smoke at the same time. 

We keep ignoring these matters as if these are very trivial matters. Several times we don't even notice this. But this adds up. Imagine our population of billions. Even if 10% of the vehicles are releasing such smoke, it still causes a lot of air pollution.

Smoke detectors are only present in Kolkata city. There is no such regulation in downtown areas. The vehicle I just described, was crossing Garfa more , bound towards Ankurhati. There is a police checkpost there, but Police did not even bother to stop the truck. I saw how police had to cover their face to avoid the smoke. I looked back, out of the window and sure, the whole path taken by the truck was ridden with smoke! It felt obnoxious!

Fines are not that important anymore. this practice needs to stop right now. I was deeply shocked after taking note of these issues for few days.

1 month ago I was travelling from Howrah towards Chitpur station .The air of Kolkata felt so suffocating at 5am in the morning! 

Civic bodies need to make stricter checks throughout the country at every checkpoint. Just few meager fines wont do the job. They should seize the vehicle then and there and cancel the licence of the owner.

I hope everybody changes themselves as well and follow every step to check air pollution. Please make your air cleaner. SPREAD THE AWARENESS GUYS!