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URGENT: 287g has led to racial profiling and the targeting of hard working members of the community, the separation of families, and the creation of an atmosphere of terror among immigrant communities in Rockingham County & Harrisonburg, VA. 287(g) has led to a less safe community for us all

Make a call to Sheriff Bryan F. Hutcheson: (540) 574-4969 or (540) 564-3800

Sample script: I am calling to urge Sheriff Hutcheson to put an immediate end to the 287(g) Program in Rockingham County. This program uses local funds to help enforce a federal immigration law enforcement function and breaks families apart.

Letter to
Harrisonburg, VA City Council David Wiens
Rockingham County Board of Supervisors (VA) William B. Kyger, Jr., Chairman
Rockingham County Board of Supervisors (VA) Dee E. Floyd, vice-Chairman
and 9 others
Rockingham County Board of Supervisors (VA) Frederick E. Eberly
Rockingham County Board of Supervisors (VA) Pablo Cuevas
Chief of Police, Harrisonburg Police Department (VA) colonel D. G. Harper
Sheriff of Rockingham County (VA) Bryan Hutcheson
mayor, Harrisonburg,VA City Council Richard Baugh
vice-mayor, Harrisonburg, VA City Council Ted Byrd
Harrisonburg, VA City Council Charles Chenault
Harrisonburg, VA City Council Kai Degner
Rockingham County Board of Supervisors (VA) Michael A. Breeden
I am writing because I oppose Rockingham County’s adoption and implementation of 287(g).

I urge the sheriff’s department to drop this agreement with federal agencies because:

•It uses local funds to help enforce a federal immigration law enforcement function.

•It stresses communities because immigrant populations that might have turned to agencies and law enforcement to report crimes are now fearful of reporting crimes.

•Individuals can be detained for Level 1, 2, and 3 crimes defined by the Immigration and Nationality Act- which may include minor traffic violations (level 1), may involve racial profiling, inadequate training and inconsistent implementation throughout the region.

•Deportation of undocumented individuals impacts our community’s working families when they are broken up- straining families and lives of children in our communities.

•287(g) does not move the United States (or Virginia) toward real immigration reform, allowing us to exist as a state of policing rather than one of positive policy change.

Thank you for your time!


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