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Stop BP’s Corporate Abuse


No matter the issue, you can be certain that giant corporations are abusing our democracy for their own gain. The result? ‘We the people’ are in deep water when it comes protecting to ourselves and our country from corporate harms.  

There’s no better example of corporate abuse than BP’s Deepwater Horizon disaster, and they haven’t even started spending ‘big money’ on candidate campaigns yet. Rest assured, that will happen when, and if, Congress gets serious about plugging the holes in the regulatory process, and passing legislation to prevent more disasters like this one. The oil boys will land like a sledgehammer on any candidate calling for regulation -- or an end to offshore drilling -- as they exploit the Supreme Court’s recent Citizens United decision, which allows unlimited campaign spending by corporations.  

How do they get away with it?  They get away with it because the Supreme Court claims that corporations wield constitutional rights, as “corporate persons,” to “speak” in elections, invest in elections, and hide from public accountability. One result? The BP disaster.  

What do we do to fix the problem? We build a mass movement to overrule the Supreme Court, and to amend the Constitution. We must put corporations in their proper place as servants, not masters, of the people and our governments.   

Tell your state legislators that it is time to take action against corporate power before another corporate disaster occurs in your state. Tell them to strengthen our democracy by amending the state and federal constitutions.  

Amending the U.S. Constitution requires action by 38 states. Amending your state constitution is a matter of state law. In both cases, your state legislator is the politician who most needs to hear from you.   

Once you sign the petition, be sure to forward this message to your likeminded friends and family members—as ask them to sign the Motion to Amend, too! 

Letter to
Your State Senate
During the past month, I have seen first-hand the horrifying results of BP’s corporate abuse. Our country is still coming to grips with the environmental and economic impacts of the Deepwater Horizon tragedy, and yet BP is already preparing its “big money” to strike a second blow to our country by skewing the political process in their favor.

Earlier this year, the Supreme Court opened the door for just such corporate political manipulation with the decisions in the Citizens United case This decision allows corporations to wield constitutional rights, as “corporate persons,” to “speak” in elections, invest in elections, and hide from public accountability. In the end, however, their political interference results in tragedies, like the BP disaster.

Unfortunately, the BP disaster is only the most jarring of the numerous examples of corporate abuses of our political system that take place in this country. That is why I urge you to stand up against corporate power, before something like the Deepwater Horizon tragedy strikes yet closer to home. Now is the time to strengthen our democracy by reversing the Citizens United decision and working with and others to amend our state and federal constitutions to end corporate personhood. I urge you to stand up for America and remember that we the people, not corporations, are your constituents and voters.