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BP is killing endangered sea turtles in its careless oil clean-up operations. Stop BP from burning turtles alive in the oil spill.

Wildlife rescuers and fishermen have reported that turtles and other wildlife are being burned alive in the Gulf oil spill. According to the New York Times, "so-called burn boxes are torching oil from the water's surface at the sacrifice of turtles, crabs, sea slugs and other sea life."

BP must be held accountable for killing endangered species and destroying their habitats. Send a letter to NOAA Administrator Jane Lubchenco asking her to ensure that all wildlife is saved from the oil spill.

Letter to
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration NOAA Administrator Jane Lubchenco
I am appalled that BP cleanup efforts do not rescue all wildlife encountered during the oil spill cleanup in Gulf of Mexico waters. Kemp's ridley sea turtles trapped in boom and burn operations are endangered species with legal protections; harming them is an illegal act and subject to prosecution and penalties. BP must be held accountable for killing endangered species and destroying their habitats.

BP must do more to rescue endangered species. Please order them to immediately stop the practice of burning oil without first searching for wildlife.

The Unified Command must increase the number of boats and personnel on the water rescuing all wildlife encountered in oil spill operations and transport them immediately to one of the many rehabilitation centers available. Federal and State agencies do not have enough trained people to adequately monitor and respond to the wildlife impacts. I urge you to immediately grant permission to wildlife professionals and non-profit organization staff to lead additional boats to recover wildlife from the oil spill, and to cover all costs of NGO-supported rescue operations out of the BP oil spill funds managed by Unified Command.

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