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Since 1980's, the remote Mentawai Islands have been attacked by fishermen using dynamite to explode the reef in order to kill fish.  With increasing tourism and local populations, the bombers can no longer operate in secrecy.  This practice must stop!  We are petitioning the Indonesian government to help Mentawai patrol her western border in order to stop bomb fishing and other illegal activities.

Bahasa Indonesia Version:

Letter to
Head Of Mentawai Regency Pak Yudas
Director of Fisheries Resources Agus Budhiman
Directorate General of Fisheries Quotas Heriyanto Marwoto
and 7 others
Violation Management Director, DG Control of Marine Resources & Fisheries Yulistio Mudho
Director General of Inshore and Small Islands Sudirman Saad
Secretary General Marine and Fisheries Dept. Gellwyn D. H. Yusuf
Head of Police, West Sumatra, Indonesia West Sumatra Police
Head of Mentawai Fisheries Edi Sukarni
Head of Mentawai Tourism Desti Seminora
Governor West Sumatra, Indonesia Irwan Prayitno
It is with great concern that we ask you to quickly and permanantly stop the destructive practices of reef bombing and cyanide poisoning that is presently going on in the Mentawai Islands, Indonesia. We trust you will give this request your immediate attention.

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