Petition Update

We're back to square one.

Mentawai Madness Stop the bombing!
Padang, Indonesia

Nov 19, 2013 — A repeat of last year? For a week now we've had criminals bombing our reefs again. We are getting no action from the government. We need you to spread the word about this petition once again. We had such successes in 2012, but now our immediate goal is 10,000 signatures, which will once again get presented to the Head of Ministry for Sea Fisheries.

November 2013 Bombing in Mentawai
November 2013 Bombing in Mentawai
The bombers are at it again. Tourists are still surfing and snorkeling in these waters, and the bombers are blowing up the reef kilometers away. What will the Mentawai government do about it? Will they wait until somebody gets hurt?