Petition Closed


This man has damaged and wreaked havoc on many lives. The effects of sexual abuse change a person’s life no matter who does it, but when it is a person of power, claiming to be a man of God, it mutilates their souls.  We are asking for justice for the many victims who have come forward, as well as the others who have thus far remained silent out of fear. We plead for a comprehensive investigation! Please do not leave us on our own, but fight with us for TRUTH and justice to prevail once and for all!

Letter to
Washtenaw Prosecutor's Office Head Prosecutor Brian Mackie
We are petitioning to implore you to conduct a thorough investigation of Bill Wininger. We plead with you to prosecute this sexual predator in a court of law and to have him answer for what he has done. Please, no more senseless victims. Help us stop this man.