Stop BHP Mining Company from Destroying 40+ Aboriginal sites, some up to 15000 years old

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The War Continues

BHP have decided to pause the destruction of the Pilbara region. That's right, pause. It does not mean they will never mine there, it only means they will not mine there for the moment.

I perceive this as a small battle being won in a much larger war. The backlash generated by us, the people, caused them to think twice about decimating 86 sacred Indigenous sites.

They figured it would be a back look for their image if they did it for now, and they're right. So they're going to hold off. But the thing is - they will not stop.

Keep signing and sharing petitions like this one, spread the word. Please. Get it overseas. Indigenous people have long been oppressed in Australia. If BHP were to destroy these sites, it would yet another moment of violation we could have prevented. We cannot let it come to that.

Many thanks for all you are doing. ~Sam

Samuel Reeve
1 year ago