Stop BHP Mining Company from Destroying 40+ Aboriginal sites, some up to 15000 years old

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"WA Aboriginal Affairs Minister Ben Wyatt has granted BHP Permission to expand its South Flan Iron Ore mining operation."

This will allow BHP to destroy over 40 (potentially up to 86) sacred Aboriginal sites, some of which are up to 15 000 years old. 

At a time of unprecedented international reckoning around racism and the long history of subjugation of black and indigenous peoples in many countries, we learn today of yet another disconnected, premeditated attack on Aboriginal lands in Western Australia.

Just 2 weeks ago, Rio Tinto blasted the 46,000 year old Juukan caves in the Western Pilbara, destroying priceless rock shelters and artefacts. Spirit country.
In our own reckoning with generations of disregard and contempt for Aboriginal land and culture, we must make an emphatic statement that this must stop. Right now.

What message do we send about reconciliation if we defend the right to keep statues of colonial identities, while in the same breath obliterate with reckless indifference, the precious historic and cultural essence of one of the world's oldest cultures.

These structures are apart of thousands of years of Indigenous history, part of a culture that extends back further than almost all others on earth. If we continue to exploit and destroy culturally significant Australian lands, we not only disregard Aboriginal culture, but world history too. We wipe away the memories, the traditions and the culture, completely reducing it to nothing.

It is no doubt that members of Federal and State Government will reap the benefits of this mine. This is why corporations have Lobbyists, to incentivise a couple of powerful individuals to authorise these decisions, they will gain financially, but at a loss of one of the most important cultures on earth. Please help put a stop to this, show them that what they are doing will have irreparable ramifications that extend far further than themselves.


There are many better solutions to mining on the historical sites. Iron ore is one of the most abundant metals on earth, and by measurements on the deposit at the site, the mine will be completely dry in a maximum of 50 years. This is only a few decades of gain that will undo thousands and thousands of years of history. 

WA Aboriginal Affairs Minister, Ben Wyatt needs to re-address the mine and disallow BHP from digging. Iron ore is found ubiquitously throughout Australia and there are other options to explore without continuously destroying sacred sites. The Indigenous history, like ALL other histories on earth, needs to be preserved. This is a great travesty to disregard it.