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Stop bashing harassment victims and take action against the perpetrators!

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This is an open letter/petition to K K Seethamma and other higher-ups who believe in victim-bashing and think that the reason women get sexually harassed on the streets is because of the clothes they wear. We urge you to curb this foolish outlook towards such a serious issue and actually take action about where it is needed the most.

Most officials simply turn their face, and the people who don't (like the cops who prevented a girl from getting harassed in Gurgaon that later got beaten up so bad they were put in a hospital, or Keenan and Reuben who were killed for the same reason) often suffer the consequences of raising their voice. It is this bullying that needs to be addressed to that people can freely raise their voice without the fear of being killed, and simply blaming women for "not wearing enough clothes" will not work. It's sad that while the perpetrators of the above mentioned crimes do whatsoever they please, it is the women and the men who support this practical outlook towards life that suffer.

We understand coming from a traditional Indian space how the current dressing sense may not agree with some of your ideals, but the sad thing is that this country believes in free will (or at least it used to). So even though you may not agree with it, you have no right to force people to agree with you. Instead of grabbing a hold of people who are the victims and blaming them for BEING harassed, we urge you to grab a hold of the perpetrators and destroy the problem at it's root.

As a form of protest, has been started that invites harassment victims to post what they were wearing when they were harassed, so as to make a statement that clothes aren't the reason, the intentions are!

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