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Petitioning Bank Of America

Stop Bank of America's new Account fees

Bank of America is looking to charge anywhere from $6 to $9 monthly for an Essential (Checking) account. Other states are trying to charge $9 to $25 monthly for other account options. They offer a way to avoid the fees, but you have to maintain a minimum balance, use a credit card or take out a mortgage with Bank of America. However, the minimum balance is set at $1,500.

Letter to
Bank Of America
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Bank of America new Account fees.

Stop the Ridiculous Account fees

These new fees affect the low-income families of America, because not everyone has a high paying job. For someone who makes more than $1.9 million a year, as you do as CEO of Bank of America, these charges would be nothing. But for low-income families of America these monthly charges take away from money they need to feed their children, or pay for their kid’s medical bill. These new fees would also take away from the Senior Citizens of America. Many of these Senior Citizens fought to protect our country and now you are trying to charge them money that many of them don’t have.

Please join me in telling Bank of America that “We the people” are fed up with them trying to impose ridiculous fees on us, because they are losing money. Please sign my petition telling Bank of Americas CEO to reverse the decisions to charge these ridiculous fees on our Accounts.