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Petitioning Repeal B.S.L. in Maryland

Stop B.S.L. in Maryland: E-mail Maryland's delegates now!

Stop the potential killing of our pets. Email the delegates below and tell them to repeal the judges ruling.
Governor: Martin J. O'Malley: phone number: (410) 974-3901; 1-800-811-8336
Lt. Governor: Anthony G. Brown: e-mail:; phone number: (410) 974-2804; 1-800-811-8336
Attorney General: Douglas F. Gansler: phone number: (410) 576-6300
1 (888) 743-0023
Comptroller: Peter Franchot:

US Senators:
Barbara A. Mikulski: phone number: 202-224-4654
Benjamin L. Cardin: phone number:(202) 224-4524

US Representative (Maryland District 6):
John K. Delaney: phone number: (202) 225-2721

State Senator (District 3):
Ronald N. Young: e-mail: phone number: (410) 841-3575, (301) 858-3575

State Delegates (District 3A):
Galen R. Clagett: e-mail: phone number: (410) 841-3436, (301) 858-3436
Patrick N. Hogan: e-mail: phone number: (410) 841-3240, (301) 858-3240

Letter to
Repeal B.S.L. in Maryland
Since there was no agreement on declaring that "pit bulls" are not inherently dangerous, the judges ruling stands. I find this unfair as you point out a specific breed of dog. From my experiences with Pit Bull type dogs, many have been sweet and non threatening. Dogs do not bite with out warning. There is a very low percentage that will not show a sign. Just because a dog bites, doesn't mean that it's aggressive. By throwing one specific breed under the bus, you will inadvertently cause the death of many "pit bulls". Many will become homeless. Abandoned because their owner could no longer keep them due to insurance rates or apartment rules. The shelters and rescues will become overflowed with "pit bulls", leaving no choice but euthanasia. I am asking you to change the law to help loving families keep their beloved pets and to prevent shelters form killing many innocent dogs. Thank you.

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