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Stop Assad Supporters from any Fundraising Activities on U.S. Soil Expose Kinan Azmeh and Mother Mariam Agnes Connections to the Assad Dictatorship Regime in Syria

Should we allow individuals who support a dictatorship regime listed by the U.S. State Department as a "State Sponsor of Terrorism" to be involved in fundraising activities on U.S. soil? We must not allow dictator Bashar Al- Assad's propaganda using individuals such as Mother Mariam Agnes and Kinan Azmeh as a tool to support of the evil strategy and tactics of a totalitarian regime.

We strongly urge Music For Life International to cease any collaboration with and support of any group or individuals that still stand with the brutal regime of dictator Bashar Al-Assad, silently or otherwise. We are not discussing politics but rather major humanitarian and moral issues where innocent civilians, including women and children, are being massacred on a daily basis while certain individuals and organizations continue to support the perpetrators.

We reached out to director of Music For Life Mr. George Mathew at 646-765-1875 and via e-mail at and contacted Mr. Dan Dutcher, Public Relations Manager for this event at 917-566-8413 and sent him several e-mail to with vital information and facts few weeks ago. At the time, Mr. Dutcher advised that he would "take care of it ".

We were dismayed to find today, less than a week of the event, that this individual is still a part of the program. In fact, one of my colleagues called Mr. Dutcher today, and he became very ugly and angry. He yelled that "he was aware that the soloist is supportive of and supported by the criminal Assad regime and was still moving forward", and then he hung up the phone in her face.

Since Music For Life decided to move forward with its decision to collaborate with and feature Kinan Al-Azmeh, it is our moral obligation to expose the facts, inform the media and advise the public, sponsors, donors and organizations of the facts and connections with one of the most vicious and brutal regimes in the world today. Such events in collaboration with Assad supporters are causing much harm to our community resulting in more divisions among us as citizens of this great nation.

We urge people of conscious to do their homework and moral duty to contact Music For Life, the PR firm and organizers of this event. We sincerely appreciate your time and thank you for your understanding and support of the suffering Syrian children, who are facing the largest humanitarian crisis seen in modern history.


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